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Full-Stack Designer

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Nine years of international experiences in
designing,  developing,  and maintaining apps.

Creative and curious,
I value quality no matter what I am making.

I like in particular 🌐 web technologies,
and I’m focused on continually improving the 👤 user experience.




Full-Stack Designer

Designing, building, and maintaining e-commerce apps, using various web technologies (Symfony 4, MySQL, Bootstrap, React, Redux, Vanilla JS, Wordpress/WooCommerce...), for different companies such as La Maison De L'Eleveur or Champagne Carole Haudot.

  • Designed and implemented a custom made system to automatically generate and send quotes (as PDFs) to La Maison De L'Eleveur's customers;
  • Designed and built several custom product assistants for the website of La Maison De L'Eleveur, to ease the purchase of configurable products;
  • Designed and implemented custom product pricing modules for the website of La Maison De L'Eleveur, to compute dynamic prices based on the configuration of configurable products;
  • Added several tests classes to the website of La Maison De L'Eleveur, to avoid regressions;
  • Refactored and migrated to Symfony 4 the website of La Maison De L'Eleveur;
  • Designed and implemented a custom secure order system for the website of La Maison De L'Eleveur;
  • Designed and built the website of Champagne Carole Haudot, including a small online shop, using React + Redux.

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Coface North America

Software Developer (J1-Trainee)

V.I.E. (International Volunteers in Business) in the USA (New York Metropolitan Area).

Reporting directly to the Software Development Manager and as a member of the DEV team, I developed and implemented critical solutions for Coface North America using Java EE and related technologies (Oracle, SOAP...).

  • Maintained policy management applications and collection back office support applications (back-end and front-end);
  • Participated in solution architecture and design;
  • Designed and developed interfaces to facilitate communication between different software applications;
  • Created debug tools related to PDF generation;
  • Updated the dev wiki;
  • Maintained legacy code and refactored it when it was possible;
  • Following a penetration test, reinforced the security of the main application and its side apps, including a password encryption upgrade, and a complete rework of the "I forgot my password" process.

-     Recommendation letter from Zulfikar Bhura, CIO

-     Blog about this amazing part of my life: (French)


Full-Stack Designer

As I wanted to work abroad, I knew that having a flexible position in France, that I could quickly quit, would be a plus to find international opportunities.

Becoming a freelancer appeared to be the best solution to earn money and stay available for bigger projects.

  • Started my own small company in France;
  • Migrated the website of La Maison De L'Eleveur to Symfony 3;
  • Introduced new features to the website of La Maison De L'Eleveur, using various web technologies (Symfony 2/3, MySQL, Bootstrap, Javascript...).

CNRS / Université de Lille / CRIStAL Lab. / NOCE Team

Research Engineer

Is it possible to conduct valid passive surveys just by listening to social media?

We tried to answer that question by analysing the twitter stream for several years (data mining). We explored the various sentiments carried by those very small messages and compared our results with political polls.

  • Published two publications in the IEEE international conference on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining 2016 (ASONAM);
  • Built a distributed platform for collecting and processing billions of tweets, powered by Elasticsearch and TensorFlow;
  • Created a fast, beautiful and easy to use dashboard, made possible by a complete asynchronous stack featuring AngularJS and Node.js;
  • Designed methods to extract sentiments, gender and geolocation from very small texts (tweets) using recursive neural networks.

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La Maison De L’Eleveur

Full-Stack Designer

La Maison De L'Eleveur was unhappy with their old website, based on Wordpress. They wanted something much simplier and closer to their needs. However, this new website had to be ready within 3 months as September was an important month for their sales.

  • Revamped the online catalogue (more than 1500 references);
  • Rebuilt from scratch the e-commerce website, within 3 months, using Symfony 2, Bootstrap and jQuery;
  • Prototyped and implemented an easy to use user interfaces to ease the purchase of steel sheets;
  • Deployed the new website, maintained it, and improved it according to customer feedback;
  • The greatly enhanced customer experience led to an increase of sales.

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CNRS / Université de Lille / CRIStAL Lab. / NOCE Team

Research Engineer

The idea was to improve visitors' museums experience using simple Human-computer interactions. These interactions had to stimulate social interactions and keep visitors looking at paintings rather than at a screen.

  • Designed and built custom made bracelets that communicated with each other, using Arduino nano, Xbee modules, batteries, handmade housings, vibrators, RFID chips, and other small components;
  • Designed and built custom made contactless quiz terminals, using Arduino mega, ethernet shields, RFID shields, and other small components;
  • Created a main control system (Java + MongoDB) to remotely manage and configure the custom made devices, and log their usages;
  • Built a dashboard (Node.js + Express + MongoDB) to filter the collected usages data and present them in a meaningful way;
  • Deployed the custom made devices and the main control system in the Museum of Fine Arts of Tourcoing, France, and conducted user experience evaluations.

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Room Manager

Summer 2011, I joined a local restaurant as room manager to put some money aside for my incoming 2012 Erasmus semester at Graz, Austria.

  • Kept clean the public areas of the restaurant.

Oeil pour Oeil

Internship as Full-Stack Designer

To complete my bachelor's program, I needed to carry out a three-month internship programme.

I found a position at the web agency Oeil pour Oeil, in Lille, France.

  • Listed, via a set of live demonstrations, the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Checked how those features were supported by the most popular web browsers;
  • Built a CMS using Zend Framework, CSS3, HTML5 and JQuery;
  • Worked closely with an art director;
  • Dealt with responsive design problematics.

Groupe JVS

Internship as Windev Developer

To obtain my University Technology Diploma, I needed to carry out a two-month internship programme.

I found a position at JVS-Mairistem, a company specialized in French administrations software solutions, in Saint Martin, France.

  • Conducted preliminary work for a summary dashboard app that collected and summarized data from the different modules of JVS system;
  • Designed some web services (private APIs) and used them in a Windev Graphical User Interface;
  • Worked closely with multiple teams on a complex system;
  • Learnt the Wlangage.
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In november 2019, I decided to close my Instagram account for personal reasons. However, I still wanted a place to upload and share my pictures. This was the perfect occasion to create a Web App using React.

Flowtos is my personal vision of a clean, modern, and simple to use photo gallery.
It's also open-source and available on GitHub.

Try this app

Blog sur mon drôle de VIE

This blog tells the story of my little life in Princeton, New Jersey, as an international intern.

It aims to be helpful, particularly to french citizens who would like to work in the United States of America, and enroll in the same French government program (VIE).


Windows XP Error Simulator

Do you remember the good old time when Windows XP's UI used to freeze and allow you to draw incredible things using the error window?
There is now an app for that!

Let the nostalgia set in with this funny Windows XP Error Simulator.

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Emoji Weather Map

This simple React app displays weather forecast using emojis.

The goal was to learn React while having some fun.

Unfortunately, only France is supported right now as I didn't find a proper way to generate map templates programmatically.

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Trident + Kloader (updated version)

As you may already know, downgrading iOS, the OS of the iPhone and the iPad, is not permited by Apple for security reasons.

This app allows to downgrade 32-Bit iDevices on iOS 9.1-9.3.4, without the use of a fully fledged jailbreak.

This hack makes use of the Trident exploit chain by benjamin-42.

Browse the repo on Github


Université de Lille  🇫🇷

September 2013

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

🇦🇹 Including an erasmus semester at the Graz University of Technology, Austria in 2012.

Université de Lille  🇫🇷

September 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

IUT de Reims  🇫🇷

September 2010

University Technology Diploma in Computer Science

Lycée Pierre Bayen  🇫🇷

September 2008

High School Diploma in Economic and Social Sciences

Conservatoire de musique Jean-Philippe Rameau  🇫🇷

September 2008

Third Cycle in Music Theory and Second Cycle in clarinet


Model of computer architecture for online social networks flexible data analysis: the case of Twitter data

Romain Giovanetti & Luigi Lancieri 2016 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM)   Download

Multilevel exploration in Twitter social stream

Luigi Lancieri & Romain Giovanetti 2016 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM)   Download

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